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I often notice that with couples, guys are not nearly as excited for engagement photos as the girls are. So, over the years I have found some ways to help get the guy interested and feeling more confident in photos. These are my top four engagement photo tips for how to prepare your man for an engagement session!

Set Expectations

A lot of times, men don’t know what to expect. They just don’t take as many pictures as women do and aren’t commonly found posing with their friends for a group photo. So, a lot of times, they might feel nervous because they just don’t take pictures very much at all. So I suggest that you take fifteen minutes to show him instagram and point out some of engagement photos you like. Tell him, “this is what our pictures will be like” and talk about how my style is very relaxed! You can mention how excited you are about the photos because I make it a fun experience, not just stiff, awkward posing.


Involving men in planning what they want to wear. A lot of times, men (if they are anything like my own husband) don’t know what to wear and all they want to just be comfortable and feel like themselves. So, I suggest that women include their fiance in the process of picking out clothes for him that will compliment your outfit as well as make him feel comfortable. If you’re looking at formal outfits, go to pick out a suit with him! Get one that flatters his body and makes him feel confident. Or for casuals, if he wants to wear his cowboy boots because that makes him feel comfortable, let him! If they have a favorite watch, or belt buckle or hat, letting him include those accessories make it fun for him. If they feel like the session is about them too, it usually helps men feel more excited.

Make It a Date

Instead of making the engagement photo session just a day where you tell him, “hey, we’re going to take pictures today.”, instead make it a date night! Plan to have some fun before or after the session. Go to your favorite restaurant after the engagement session. Or maybe before taking the photos, have a drink or two. Having a beer before a session can actually make someone more relaxed for the task. Plan for the day/night to be a fun date night experience instead of just getting him dressed up for “no reason.” 

Compliments Do The Trick

The most important engagement photo tip is to compliment him. Give your man lots of compliments, and let him know how excited you are to get pictures with him. Hype him up! I feel like men are most confident when their woman is impressed by them and tells them how attractive they are. The better you make him feel, the more relaxed and excited he will be!

There you have it! If you involve your man in planning for the photos, and it becomes more than “just photos” for him, you’ll see a big difference in his excitement for the session. And once he starts hearing you compliment him and realizes that it really can be a fun experience, you’ll be surprised at how well he handles your session! With these tips you can give your man all the confidence he needs to step up in front of the camera! 

Emily Quigley is a wedding, engagement and newborn photographer in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been featured in Glamor and Grace, Aisle Society and several other online websites. Click here to get your booking today!

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