Casual Engagement Photo Outfits: 5 Easy Tips for Styling a Casual Engagement Session


Since I photograph couples for their engagement photos, they often ask me if casual engagement photo outfits are appropriate. It’s a super important choice! Not everyone wants to dress formally for engagement photos, but… you shouldn’t just show up in any leggings and a T-shirt. These photos are special and you should want them to showcase the best of you. So, here’s five tips on how to make your casual outfits work well for an engagement photo session!

Casual Engagement Photo Outfits

Tip #1 – Add Layers

Casual engagement session outfit, jeans and tshirts on a garage rooftop.

This works well for both the guys and the girls! Layers can help dress up a casual outfit, without it feeling super fancy. It also adds a ton of variety! You should be able to easily change up your look just by taking off a sweater or cardigan. This makes your outfits have a lot of style and uniqueness to them!

Tip #2 – Nice Jeans

Collage of a couple cuddling in comfortable jeans and shirts on the couch in their home.

Long story short, the type of jeans you wear make all the difference! You shouldn’t show up in jeans with stains or ones that don’t fit well. But, showing up in a nice set of jeans that fits you well will elevate your casual look just enough for photos while still staying super casual and comfortable. And if you want your photos to seem even more put together – coordinate your exact jean shade with your partner so that your outfits complement each other!

Tip #3 – A Simple & Comfortable Dress

Collage of a couple walking along a cliff edge in a soft flowy dress and shorts for their casual engagement session.

You’d be surprised what choosing a cute sundress that’s flowy and comfortable will do for your the look of your engagement photos! They’re a very simple piece of clothing, but will make all the difference! It’s a perfect way to put minimal effort into your wardrobe but still look amazing in photos! Even if your guy is wearing jeans and a solid T-shirt, when you wear a simple dress, it makes you both look more dressed up! Also, it helps keep things cool for summer sessions!

Tip #4 – Wear Sweaters

Collage of a couple cuddling in jeans and sweaters during their casual engagement session.

I love getting to see couples in sweaters during the winter or fall, because it gives a cuddly look to the photos! When you and your guy are close together it’s super sweet and always makes for dreamy pictures to hang on your wall! Sweaters are simple to accessorize with things like necklaces and earrings, so sweaters are a perfect choice for a casual engagement session!

Tip #5 – Wear a Button Down

A couple sitting on a rock near a cliff's edge in soft blue dress and jeans.

This one’s for the guys! If a shirt has buttons, it automatically makes you look more put together than just a casual t-shirt. Button-downs are also great for your girl to put her hands along the buttons for more flirtatious photos! There are so many different styles and varieties of button-downs that you can keep the casual look and feel but you’re sure to easily find something that coordinates with her outfit and looks great in photos. 

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