4 Ideas To Make Sure The Kids In A Wedding Have Fun


I’ve shot a lot of weddings where the weddings welcomed kids, and I’ve also shot weddings where they say “no kids.” But, most of the weddings involved them and have ways to keep them entertained! Whether or not it’s their own children or nieces or nephews, I love seeing all the different ways that people make sure the kids are having fun! Also, I have my own kids, and have been to quite a few weddings before, so I’ve managed to learn from these experiences too. These are four things I’ve seen and some tips on how to make sure the kids in a wedding have fun! 

Coloring Tables For Kids In A Wedding

After the ceremony, and after all the pictures have been taken, sometimes receptions can be boring for kids! There’s just not a lot to keep them entertained. So, if there’s a lot of kids attending a wedding, something I’ve seen is parents set aside a few special kids tables where they have coloring books, crayons and little activities to keep them entertained! It’s a surefire way to make sure the kids enjoy themselves! 

Kid Friendly Food

If it’s within your wedding budget, it’s always a good idea to provide kid friendly food. Sometimes at a reception the adults want to have all the fancy food, but that doesn’t always mean that the kids in a wedding will be happy with what is offered. If there’s a lot of kids there, provide some kid friendly finger food. When kids are fed they will be a lot happier! 

Have The DJ Include Kid Games

If there’s a DJ at your wedding, have them include kids by doing games, playing fun music and including the kids in dancing. This is always fun for the kids and helps them with having a lot of energy they need to get rid of. This makes any kids in a wedding feel involved and happy!

Include Your Kids In The First Look

This one is super special! If you have your own children, you can do a special first look with your kids before the ceremony. Having a quiet calm moment with them before the chaos is really beneficial and helps the kids feel more prepared and calm for the day! If they get to have that moment with dad or mom, it makes for great pictures too!  

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