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4 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner For Your Wedding


I personally love it when my couples already have a wedding planner for their wedding! It allows things during the ceremony to go smoothly and allows me to focus on photography. That way, I don’t have to play both photographer and coordinator. Unfortunately, it often falls to the photographer to be the coordinator if there isn’t one on the wedding day! So, here’s my top reasons why you should have a wedding planner, instead of just relying on your photographer. 

Your Wedding, Your Vision

First, a wedding planner is an absolute professional at bringing your vision to life with everything that you dreamed of! It’s hard for me, as a photographer, because I’ll often have an idea of what would look good in my mind and I will try to take images that you will enjoy. However, it helps to have someone who’s actually trained at making your world come to life and executing your wedding perfectly! Your wedding planner can listen to your vision, and will know exactly who to reach out to to make it work in order for you to have the perfect wedding day. 

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A Wedding Planner Works Within Your Budget

Second, a wedding planner can help you manage your budget. They’ll often start by asking you what your overall budget is. Then, they’ll help you prioritize the parts of your vision that’s important to you and where to allocate each part of your budget. They’ll even help you find vendors within your budget and help you pick the things that are worth spending your money on. Additionally, they’ll be able to tell what not to spend money on so you can save a lot of time and resources. Basically, by hiring a planner, you’ll get the best bang for your buck!

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A Wedding Planner Worries About the Details so You Don’t Have to 

Third, they help you stay on track for your wedding process. A lot of wedding planners will give their clients a check list or a to-do-list of things they need. And, they’ll even help write the timeline of your wedding from beginning to end. They’ll even continue the timeline for after the guests have left! This keeps things moving smoothly and will help you feel organized, in charge and in The Know. One of the most important things they do is take away the stress of wedding planning. You can look forward to your wedding, while they make sure that all the details are perfect, go over contracts, communicate with others, and handle all that back end stress. You can enjoy all the things you’re excited about doing; like maybe your bachelorette party or bridal shower or picking up the wedding dress. You get to do all the fun things that come with your wedding day and get away from the stress that comes with wedding planning. So, wedding planners help you have a stress free experience!

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You Get to Enjoy Your Wedding

It’s an unfortunate truth that a lot of people who don’t hire a wedding planner will not be able to enjoy their wedding day as much as they wanted to. They simply help your wedding day go smoothly. A lot of times, as the photographer, I work with the wedding planner so we have a seamless timeline for wedding day and make sure you can fit in everything that you want. The best part about this is that you’re not having people come to you during the events and bugging you throughout your wedding asking “Oh, hey! What’s next?” With a wedding planner, you’re not handling the management part of the wedding day. You’re almost a guest at your wedding and you get to enjoy it as much as your guests do! That’s the important part of wedding planning! You get to enjoy your wedding and it becomes everything you dreamed it to be!

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