Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Stress


My brides and even grooms often tell me that they are stressed about the wedding or… more likely, the wedding is causing stress! The last month before the wedding, things do get stressful. You’re trying to get everything to come together and there’s all these little details you wind up worrying about. There are actually things you can do months in advance that helps make sure the wedding day goes smoothly!

Planning Months Before Can Help You Be Less Stressed About The Wedding

Plan as much as possible beforehand. Don’t just rely on planning a single month before. Once you set a date for your wedding, get started with a checklist! Additionally, if it’s in your budget, hire a wedding planner. If you can’t hire a full planner, then hire a wedding coordinator. Both of these will help relieve a lot of the stress on your wedding day and allow you to enjoy everything and not have to worry about details. 

A bride and her bridesmaids smiling off into the distance while they hold their wedding day bouquets.

Talk About Your Concerns

A lot of things that cause stress comes from a lack of communication with friends or family leading up to your wedding. If there’s someone you have a difficult relationship with or if you’re worried about your family’s actions during the wedding, talk through your expectations with those people or your planner. Tell them what you’re worried about. Keeping it all inside is not going to help. This is the best day of your life so you deserve things going right and as smoothly as possible! So talk about it with your planner or partner.

Collage of a bride walking across a porch playing with her wedding dress dress while laughing and a detail photo of the bride's dream engagement ring holding onto her wedding day bouquet.

Prioritize Time With Your Fiance

Oftentimes I find couples will be so caught up in the planning and all the things they have to do, they fail to spend quality time with one another. They fail to just be with each other in ways that don’t have to do with the wedding day. So set aside time, maybe a few hours at the end of each day, or plan a date night. Plan things that don’t have to do with wedding planning, and just enjoy each other as a couple. These things will help you avoid wedding stress. Just being able to love on and be in love with your partner will help it go a lot smoother, and will relieve stress and help you remember why you’re getting married!

Collage of a bride tapping her groom on the shoulder during their first look and him hugging her while crying on their wedding day.

Emily Quigley is a wedding, engagement, newborn, and senior photographer in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been featured in Glamor and Grace, Aisle Society and several other online websites. And she’s been helping brides and grooms quit being stressed about their wedding for as long as she’s been taking photos! Click here to get your booking today!

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