A bride and groom walking together in front of the cross on Mt. Sequoyah on their wedding day.

Kourtnie and Joseph’s Wildflower Wedding | Mt Sequoyah Wedding


Kourtnie and Joseph’s Mt Sequoyah wedding was so special! Everything was so relaxed and calm and flowed really well. 

I absolutely loved Kourtnie’s personality! After talking and getting to know her, I could see she just really cares about her family and simple things. Her and Joseph decided on a small wedding with them and a couple friends and close family. It was so beautiful!

We actually started at the University of Arkansas campus, where Kourtnie and Joseph got engaged! This is where they both attended collage, so they wanted to celebrate that part of their love story. And the first part of their wedding day was the first look in front of Old Main!

The First Look

Setting up first looks is one of my favorite things to do because it’s so exciting to see both of their reactions! Not just when the groom sees his bride, but her reaction as well! So I set up Joseph and told him “do not turn around no matter what!” The guys always get so nervous. Before Kourtnie walked up, she admitted to me that she had never seen him in a tailored suit before, so I got to see her emotional as well! Then, Kourtnie walked up and they had the absolute sweetest first look. Joseph definitely got emotional. I have a photo of him gasping when he saw his bride to be!

Collage of a couple during their first look. The groom gasping as he sees his bride and them kissing.

After the First Look, I got some formal portraits of them all around campus, and we just took our time. It was really hot outside but they were troopers! 

After the First Look and formals we changed locations and went up to Mt Sequoyah for the wedding. In my opinion, it’s an unexpected and unique spot for a wedding, because you look around and don’t expect this mountain view to be just 5 minutes from the University of Arkansas.

Collage of the bride and groom standing beside a cross looking out over Mt Sequoyah and the groom snuggling his bride's temple while she looks back over her shoulder.

A Wildflower Event

Wildflowers were the main theme for their wedding and all the details. And I thought this was so beautiful! Their wedding has had some of my favorite florals to date! And what made this wedding so special was that Kourtnie got all their flowers from a local flower farm! It was so much fun because she was the one who hand picked out the flowers in all the different colors! 

To make this even more special, when I showed up there was this beautiful floral arch filled with wildflowers. I thought she hired a professional florist. But when I complimented the arch and said “wow, this looks really nice!” She responded, “yeah! I did it myself!” I was shocked! She had built this entire floral arch by herself with the flowers she got from a flower farm and her yard! Then, as I was taking pictures, there were bees flying all around this piece of art. So, I made sure I got a picture of one of the bees enjoying the arch! 

bee pollinating wildflowers on Kourtnie and Joseph's Wedding Arbor

She used the same flowers from the flower farm for her bouquet. But, she also attached her grandmother’s wedding ring to her bouquet. She wanted to have her grandmother there with her as she walked down the aisle.

A Beautiful Mt Sequoyah Wedding 

With all the wildflowers around, the Mt Sequoyah view, and their friends and family gathered for the wedding, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I love it when my couples include their pets. And their dog, Nova, was a flower girl in a pretty blue tutu! She was their “something blue” for their Mt Sequoyah wedding!  

Kourtnie + Joseph's german shepherd (Nova) walking down the aisle wearing a blue tutu for Kourtnie's "something blue" wedding tradition.

After the ceremony we were able to take the family portraits, and they turned out beautifully! Then we walked over to the cross. At Mt Sequoyah they have this really cool cross that’s located in a really clear area where you can see the whole view of Fayetteville! So, we were there and took some really beautiful pictures right at sunset. 

A Stadium Reception

They ended the night with a small reception at University of Arkansas stadium! The bride and groom arrived in a yellow Maserati! And you better believe I got some extra fun night shots with this sports car! 

A groom dipping and kissing his bride in front of a yellow Maserati in the University of Arkansas stadium parking lot.

We followed them down to the reception where Kourtnie and Joseph had dinner and cake with their family and close friends. The cake imitated the lace floral on her dress and they put this cute dog statue as a cake topper to be Nova. I’m obsessed with how amazing that cake was! 

Overall, it was a great day! I loved working with Kourtnie and Jospeh! They are good, genuine and down to earth people. And, I really connected with Kourtnie because she’s a teacher and my kids are at the age where they’re about to start school! I just loved how much she loves her students and the people around them. Joseph is awesome as well! He’s really into cars and motorcycles just like my husband. 

The unsung hero of the day, however, was Kourtnie’s brother. He was basically the wedding planner and it was really fun and sweet to see how much he cares about his sister! He put forward all this effort, running around checking to make sure that everything was perfect and flowed really well. He made it really special. 

It always makes me feel good when I see how much the family cares about their new members. Those are my favorite kinds of weddings because that’s what it really is all about. It’s two families bringing in two people who are in love and that’s really all that matters!

Emily Quigley is a wedding, engagement and newborn photographer in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been featured in Glamor and Grace, Aisle Society and several other online websites. Click here to get your booking today!

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A bride and groom walking in front of a cross at Mt. Sequoyah on their wedding day.
A bride and groom smiling together on their wedding day at the University of Arkansas.
Collage of a couple during their first look as the bride taps her groom on the shoulder.
Collage of a bride and groom kissing at the University of Arkansas and the bride snuggling into her groom's chest.
A collage of a bride snuggling into her groom's chest and the groom kissing her on the forehead while she smiles.
A bride snuggled into her groom's chest while they stand in front of a boulder at the University of Arkansas.
Collage of a couple forehead to forehead and kissing on the porch of a stone building at the University of Arkansas.
A bride and groom smiling at each other on a stone bridge at the University of Arkansas.
Collage of a groom kissing his bride on the forehead close up and far away.
Collage of a bride and groom with their temples together on a bridge at University of Arkansas
Collage of an antique table with wildflowers on it and wildflower seeds in little bags..
Collage of a wildflower ceremony decoration and a wildflower covered arch.
Collage of a groom seeing his bride come down the aisle and the bride walking down the aisle with her dad.
The bride with her dad and her groom at the altar.
Collage of the bride and groom holding hands and smiling at the altar during their wedding in Arkansas.
Collage of the bride and groom praying at the altar and their first kiss as husband and wife.
Collage of the groom spinning his wife at the altar and then walking back down the aisle together as their guests throw flower petals.
Collage of the bride and groom walking down the aisle together under a shower of flower petals and kissing at the end of the aisle.
Collage of the bride and groom with their temples pressed together and their eyes closed and them looking at each other beside the cross on top of Mt. Sequoyah
Collage of Kourtnie petting her german shepherd, Nova and Nova posing for family photos as she touches noses with Kourtnie while Joseph smiles down at the both of them.
The bride and groom kissing in the elevator on the way to their reception  at the University of Arkansas stadium
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