A couple kissing on a grassy hill on their wedding day featuring a Carey's Flowers bouquet.

Interviews with My Favorite Florists in Arkansas to Work with During Weddings


Being in the wedding industry, I have worked with a lot of florists in Arkansas. There is a lot of talent and beauty in this state. And, I wanted to take this opportunity to shine some light on some truly awesome people who do amazing work! Here’s my favorite florists in Arkansas and some comments from them about their own services! 

Darling Blooms 

“I love being a florist because I thrive in the presence of nature and its beauty. I enjoy working with my hands creating beautiful things for others to enjoy. I get to be surrounded by beauty everyday!”

I met Jess with Darling Blooms before I knew she was a florist. Her daughter and mine are in the same gymnastics class. We were talking after class one day and found out we’re both in the wedding industry! Since then, she and I have become really good friends going out to grab coffee or pedicures. She’s one of the sweetest people I know. 

“I enjoy growing flowers as well and try to utilize my own flowers in my floral designs when I can! It’s so rewarding to use blooms grown and cared for here locally.”

She only just started her floral business. She started as a build-your-own bouquet cart at a local farmers market. But, then she decided to get into weddings. She has only been in the wedding field for maybe one and a half years, and she has just taken off! I’m super impressed and admire her for how hard she works and how beautiful her work is. One thing that’s really cool and unique about her services, she grows some of her flowers at her home! And she loves to use her own flowers in her arrangements when she can. This adds a more unique spin to her business and it’s awesome that she uses her own personal flowers!

Collage of of floral designs by Darling Blooms
Collage of a pastel colorful reception table and a bride holding her bouquet over her shoulder by Darling Blooms.

Vase and Vine

“I would say our style of design is modern organic style. However we do get brides that have a different style in mind and so there are weddings that we do that fit more of the brides style. So we are very versatile in design!” 

When I first joined the wedding industry in Arkansas, Vase and Vine was the first florist I worked with! Some of my brides used them and I just love how natural and organic their work was. They are phenomenal. 

“I would say our favorite part of being a wedding florist is when you have a bride who has booked you because they love your style and lets us have creative range on it! Taking a bride’s vision and putting our twist or creativity on it creates something magical. The final result is always worth all of the hard work put in throughout the process!” 

For one of my styled shoots, I traveled out to their location in central Arkansas to pick up florals. Their shop is on the main street and is just the cutest. And while I was there, I got to meet the owner and members of their team. They are genuine and down to earth and I loved that experience! I left feeling seen and noticed. A lot of brides work with them, because they just make you feel at home when you work with them.

“We absolutely love to travel and design weddings all over Arkansas! Distance is not an issue for us as we have gone all the way to Tillar for one of our brides! We are also very accommodating for our brides and at the end of the day want what’s best for our happy couples!” 

They are very accommodating for travel and travel all over Arkansas. I’ve done multiple styled shoots with them where they were the florist, and for that, they have to travel to Northwest Arkansas. 

A couple smiling with glasses of wine at their sweetheart table with floral designs by Vase and Vine.
Collage of a couple behind a floral umbrella and them sitting at their sweetheart table smiling with floral designs by Vase and Vine.
Tulip table centerpieces by Vase and Vine.

Flora Leigh  

“I would describe my design style as whimsical and modern. I love having eye-catching arrangements that are clean and artsy.”

I worked with Flora Leigh for a styled shoot one fall. And we wanted to do something different. We wanted to show that fall weddings could be unique and luxurious. And, I remember just being blown away by the florals. She was setting up and she was able to completely bring her vision to life! 

“My favorite part of being a florist is getting to meet my wonderful clients. I love connecting with people in Arkansas and I feel blessed to be able to do that through my art.”

She’s also the sweetest human being ever. And she uses a lot of natural non-wasteful ways to create her installments, so she’s very environmentally friendly. She’s an absolute gem of a person. I love her and her style! 

“I am a freelance florist that specializes in wedding florals. My clients receive exclusive one of a kind florals.” 

Collage of aa bride smiling in her bridal hat holding her bouquet and the couple smiling at each other in front of their floral and copper altar by Flora Leigh.
A look at the happy couple on their wedding day behind floral designs by Flora Leigh.
Collage of a wedding table set up and a couple sitting at their sweetheart table with floral designs by Flora Leigh.
A fall inspired bouquet by Flora Leigh.

Carey’s Flowers

Carey is such an amazing person and I love her so much! Carey’s Flowers is a florist located in the smallest town in Arkansas, Cassville. She’s a small town florist but she’s been in business 25 years! She is so versatile and can create anything you want or need. She does beautiful work and is so down to earth! She cares a lot about her brides and what they want, and does a really good job. And my favorite part is that she’s proving to the world that small towns can have a small business and still absolutely crush it!. 

A couple walking across a grassy hill on their wedding day featuring a bouquet from Carey's Flowers.
A couple kissing on a grassy hill featuring a bouquet by Carey's Flowers.
A bride and her bridesmaids smiling with their green and white bouquets from Carey's Flowers.
Collage of a flower girl coming down a greenery filled aisle and a couple sitting on stair kissing featuring a Carey's Flowers bouquet.

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