Vendor Feature: Kait Hawkins with NWA Photobooth + Lemon & Puff


One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing how unique and fun each wedding is! I love seeing how my couples make their weddings different and how they add some personality to their receptions! If you are wanting to up your wedding reception game, I highly recommend checking out Kait Hawkins, the queen of reception fun, owner of NWA Photobooth and Lemon & Puff!

Who is Kait and what inspired her to be a woman of many trades?

Kait is only 28 years old, a mama of the cutest 4 year old boy, and wife of 6 years! Kait never planned on being a business owner, or doing any type of work outside of being a full time mom and homemaker. It’s where she thought my heart was, until she stumbled into the event industry.

I asked Kait where her inspiration came from creating NWA Photobooth and Lemon & Puff and this is what she had to say:

“NWA Photo Booth was born during my wedding photographer era. I hadn’t seen a photo booth at a wedding in Northwest Arkansas before and felt that it was something the industry was lacking. 14 days later, I ordered my own, which led to 5 more 2 years later!”

How Lemon & Puff came to life!

I think it’s safe to say Kait isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and make her dreams come to life! I met Kait as a wedding photographer and have been beyond inspired by her ability to get things done! You will love her story of how Lemon and Puff came into her life! This is what she had to say:

“Lemon and Puff came about when I was scrolling instagram and saw it on my feed. I was SUPER jealous of whoever (Miah Millan) created it and wished I had the idea sooner. As a big stay-in-your-lane type of business owner; no muddying the water here I waited until I noticed about 2 years later that Lemon and Puff hadn’t posted anything in a while and told my husband I was going to email her and ask if she would sell me her business. This was literally on a whim, while I was on vacation, on the beach. She responded and said yes! 2 months later, I brought Lemon and Puff to NWA from Central Arkansas.

“I wish I could say I have always had a love for events, but truly the event industry found me. Between being a mama, wife, cleaning the house and cooking dinner every day; I needed a break. That led to photography which led to weddings which led to NWA Photo Booth which led to Lemon and Puff and a whole lot more that’s under wraps for now.”

You hired a photographer for your wedding, then why should you add a photo booth?

As a wedding photographer, I love to see a photobooth at a wedding reception! While the wedding photographer is capturing those intimate moments and making sure the big & important events are photographed, a photobooth acts as an extra opportunity to capture ALL of your guests, and give them something fun to do at the same time!

I have my own reasons of why I think photobooths are awesome, but I thought we should hear it from the pro herself! I asked Kait why she believes couples should add a photo booth to their reception and this is what she had to add!

  1. Your guests and YOU get instant gratification with the photo booth. Take a photo with your favorite people and it’s texted to you and/or printed immediately. 
  2. It’s perfect for ALL ages as well as the ones who don’t want to dance. The chance to do something other than dance at a wedding is few and far between; offering a photo booth allows for your guests to do more and appeal to the entire crowd. 
  3. It’s a digital scrap book that you’ll have for the rest of your days (PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND PUT IN A SAFE PLACE!) How cool will it be to have photos of your most favorite people enjoying your wedding day 30+ years from now?
  4. It freezes that moment. Not just for you, but for your guests; for your grandma, your best friend, your sister, the list goes on
  5. That photo is going to go on your grandma’s fridge, I promise you
  6. Prints are a thing of the past. Like something you vaguely remember your mom picking up from Walgreens on a saturday morning. With NWA Photo Booth we print those heirlooms that are going to last forever (pretty much). How often do you scroll through your pictures on your phone? (Mom’s, don’t answer that. We do it every night when our kids go to sleep, I know). But seriously. We live in a digital world without tangible photos; this allows for that memory to be placed where you can see it everyday.

Other ways to add some flair to your reception!

Kait not only owns NWA Photobooth, she also owns a Cotton Candy cart. WHAT?! And no, this isn’t just your average cotton candy stand you see at the fair, Lemon & Puff truly adds personality and fun to your wedding day!

  1. WHO IN THE WORLD HAS COTTON CANDY AT THEIR WEDDING?! It’s a wow factor. It’s a crowd pleaser. It’s entertainment. 
  2. It’s less than 35 calories a puff. This is always a fun fact to give; guests and the couple never expect that. 
  3. PHOTO OP. Pair Lemon & Puff cotton candy cart with NWA Photo Booth. We love an instagramable moment. 
  4. WEDDING VIDEO! (linked here!) Guys, it’s so much fun. Imagine showing this to your kids. MOM AND DAD WERE SO COOL. 
  5. Having something in your hand is something we love (put your phone away) 
  6. It’s an alternative to drinks. Bars are cool, drinks are cool, but they aren’t for everyone. Cotton candy is.

Think outside the box and add some personality to your wedding!

Are you convinced yet?! Adding extras to your wedding reception (besides the traditional dances, speeches, and cake cutting) brings personality and gives your guests an experience to remember!

“One of our favorite ways to dress up NWA Photo Booth and Lemon & Puff is with flowers. They never fail to make the moment feel more grand, luxurious and instagramable. Again, we love an instagramable moment. We have worked with multiple northwest Arkansas florists and they always pack their work with a punch.

Below you can see some of the work Jess, with Darling Blooms (one of my preferred vendors! Check her out on this blog post!) has done for the photo booth backdrop and Lemon and Puff’s cotton candy cart. It’s just such a pizzazz moment; and I am 100% here for it!

I am so inspired by Kait and how she chases after her dreams and makes them a reality! She not only is a gem of a human, she brightens up every room she enters! You absolutely NEED her and her services at your wedding! You can check out Kait’s work and see her amazing photobooth & cotton candy cart moments here:


Instagram: @NWAPhotoBooth @Lemonandpuff

Emily Quigley is a wedding and engagement photographer in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been featured in Glamor and GraceArkansas Bride and several other wedding magazines!

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