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So, you’ve decided you want a first look at your wedding! That’s awesome! But did you know that there are a lot of different styles of a first look that you can add? Some of them are tradition breakers, and some still keep those old traditions intact! 

Collage of a couple holding hands behind a wall during a no look first look during a Wedding

The “No Look” First Look wedding tradition

First looks have become somewhat popular over the years, and one of the sweetest first look moments is the The “No Look” First Look. Sometimes couples want to be able to have a moment together before the ceremony but the groom still doesn’t want to see the bride before she walks down the aisle. This type of first look keeps the tradition of not seeing your bride intact! There’s a lot of ways to do this, but one is common and works really well. We find a wall or a door, and we position the both of you where you can’t see each other.  And there, you can just talk and hold hands from either side of the wall. They are such sweet moments. I’ve seen couples hold hands and say a prayer together but won’t see each other. This gives them that precious moment together, but helps save that excitement of the bride walking down the aisle for the ceremony.

Collage of a couple in a secluded walkway reading vows to each other and kissing

Letter Exchange and Private Vows 

Sometimes my couples like to write vows or special letters to each other before the ceremony. Then, once they’re in the first look, they read everything together. For this, I will position the two of you somewhere private, and they get a chance to read these special letters to each other away from the large crowds. Or, the couples exchange their vows privately! It makes it super special when you get the chance to express your love for each other before the ceremony! 

Collage of couple nuzzling, holding hands and kissing during a First Look at their Wedding

Blind Folded Groom

This version of the first look also keeps the tradition of “the groom not seeing the bride in her wedding dress” alive while still giving the couple an intimate moment together. The two of you will be able to hug and talk and kiss and be with each other. But with the groom blindfolded, it allows the two of you some privacy. It is such a sweet moment that I feel actually adds to the suspense, when your groom can finally see you walking down the aisle!

First Look With Others

Sometimes it’s not the bride and groom who get to see each other, but other members of your family or wedding party. So here’s some super sweet ideas to mix it up on the wedding day! 

Father's first look with her daughter
Father turning and hugging his daughter during her First Look at her Wedding

First Look with Dad

Sometimes a bride wants to have a special moment with dad. Her father gets to turn around and see his daughter. It brings a special moment to the dad and they get a chance to be celebrated during your ceremony! I’ve seen a few of these and dads always get emotional! 

Bride's first look with her bridesmaids

First Look with Bridesmaids

This is always so much fun! And this type of first look in your wedding is good if the bride is nervous. The bridesmaids will be able to hype up the bride. The girls get so excited! It’s a super fun moment for the bride to reveal the dress because everyone is wondering what it looks like! It’s definitely a party with a lot of screaming involved! 

Collage of a Bride's first look with her kids during her Wedding

First Look with Kids

This type of first look is for couples with kids already. It’s a great way to get the kids involved and spend a moment celebrating with them. I cry every time I get to photograph one of these! They always add something special to an already special day. 

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