My Favorite Places for Engagement Photography in Arkansas


I often get asked about places I recommend for Engagement Photography in NWA. So, I wanted to give everyone a short list of places, and the reasons that make these places so special! Here’s my top six!

1. Tanyard Creek Bella Vista, Arkansas

Collage of couple standing among rock jetty and on a dock during Engagement Photography session in NWA
Couple standing among rocks, holding sparklers while kissing with a waterfall behind them during Engagement Photography session in NWA

Alright, this place is super awesome! It’s perfect for nature lovers and great because of the wide variety it provides! It has a great variety of trails, creeks, waterfalls, lakes and trees. So, there are beautiful wildflowers in spring and beautiful colors in fall. If you want shots in mother nature, this is one of the best places you can go. And truth be told, I do a lot of family and engagement sessions here, so if you schedule a photoshoot with me, I know all the best places! 

2. University of Arkansas + Downtown Fayetteville

collage of two couples, one standing among stone railings, another popping champagne

A lot of people that I work with are University of Arkansas grads or current students. So, not only is it a beautiful place, it’s one that is well known by a large number of my clients. If you love architecture, it has many awesome buildings and a great variety. Some of my favorites are the Old Main lawn, and David W. Mullins library which has big white columns, and a really cool luxurious feel. I love shooting at Gregson Hall. It has the same feel and is vintage. All of the campus is really pretty, but it is also great because we can go down the road to Dickson Street. It can give your shoot a fun “City Feel.” Lastly, we can go to the top level of a nearby parking garage and we can see the whole city of Fayetteville and get some amazing sunset shots! 

3. Adventure: Yellow Rock, Whitakers Point or Petit Jean State Park

couple standing along a rock cliff face, dancing during Engagement Photography session in NWA
couple standing along a trail surrounded by foliage

Arkansas has some of the most beautiful hikes and views that you could ever experience. If you like adventure, hiking and really cool views, then some of these areas are great to get photos with that WOW! factor . Some of my favorites are Yellow Rock at Devil’s Den state park. Or, Whitakers Point or Petit Jean State Park. At these locations, you can literally stand on a cliff and get the most amazing pictures! If you’re willing to hike a bit, it’s worth it for the view!

4. St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable or Stone Chapel at Mattlane Farm

collage of a church with ivy growing on it and a couple kissing while sitting on a rock during Engagement Photography session in NWA
Couple kissing in front of old doors of a church with a lot of foliage around them
collage of couple sitting in a field and holding their miniature poodle, nuzzling during Engagement Photography session in NWA

Getting some awesome engagement photography in NWA actually coincides with several places where you can get married too! Arkansas has a lot of little unique chapels that people have built throughout the years. One of my favorites is the tiniest rock chapel – St. Catherines at Bell Gable! You probably can only fit like 10 or 15 people inside of it comfortably, but it is amazing! It has these big wooden doors, and vines all along the side. It’s a beautiful spot where a lot of people get married, but it can be just as awesome for engagements! There’s a pretty creek nearby, and a swing, with a field right next to it. The prettiest wildflowers grow there in the spring! Additionally, there’s the Stone Chapel at Mattlane Farm which has a similar vibe.

5. Sassafras Vineyard or Kindred Barn

Man and woman standing in a vineyard rows
Collage of couple at a vineyard dancing and hugging

For those looking for a high end feel to their photos, consider a vineyard! There’s quite a few in Arkansas. Some of my favorites are Sassafras Vineyard in Springdale and Kindred Barn, located in Mulberry Arkansas. It’s an amazingly beautiful place when the vines are full. So, it creates a super pretty backdrop for your photos! 

6. Arkansas State Capitol and Downtown Little Rock

Couple standing among columns during Engagement Photography session in NWA
Couple in a collage on top of a parking garage; hugging, sitting and nuzzling, with glass building in background

I mostly only shoot here on the weekend, so it’s not super crowded. But, it’s great for Little Rock and Conway clients who want a more luxurious feel for engagement photography session! You can dress up and get great variety with some amazing looking statues and doors. And, my favorite parking garage in downtown Little Rock which is only a few minutes away from the capitol, for those amazing city skyline shots! 

So there’s my top six places for engagement photography in NWA! I absolutely love getting to work with clients and getting to go to these places to get the best pictures! 

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