Tips for Getting Perfect Getting Ready Photos at Your Wedding


Most of the time brides want their photographer to capture “getting ready” photos. And it’s not hard to see why! This can be an awesome time to get great images of just the bride and her closest friends/family. Getting ready photos are perfect to get these intimate and special moments with time with your bridesmaids, your mom, your grandma, and/or whoever is there to support you on your wedding day. These types of photos can be whatever you make them, but here’s some tips to make sure those images are incredible!  

Location is super important!

Contrary to what a lot of people think, most of the photos will be captured when you are pretty much completely ready. By the time I’m taking pictures of you in your dress, your Hair and Makeup will be already done, or almost done, and I will be there for the end. We’ll get images of the final touches of makeup, mom helping zip up the dress, or bridesmaids helping you put on your shoes. 

The reason I say all of this is because the getting ready photos will not necessarily be taken where you get ready! Sometimes where you get ready will not have a lot of space or the lighting isn’t good. Brides and Bridesmaids need a lot of space to get ready! So thinking about space is important. 

A lot of times I tell brides that if the place you get ready is not ideal for photos, we can do them at the venue! 

If getting ready photos at the venue is not an option, I finally suggest looking at Airbnb or try to find a hotel that fits the aesthetics of the wedding day with plenty of windows and neutral walls. Or we can do it at your home! We can find a room that has the checklist of things we need! 

Just to reiterate, the things you need to find the perfect location are: enough pace, correct lighting and plenty of windows. Finally, you should find a spot with soft neutral colors. We should only take photos in a place where the background will not distract from you! 

Getting ready is the perfect time to get Flat Lay photos and detail shots! 

Getting ready is also a time I will capture details. Check out my blogpost I recently did on it! Making sure you have everything you need at the location where you’ll be getting ready!  Bring your hairpieces, your bouquet, and heirlooms. Have those with you so I can capture those too! Eventually we’ll move onto photos of you putting on the earring, or Mom helping you tie your dress, or bridesmaids helping you put your veil on! Having those details with you before you even begin getting ready is super important. Additionally, this is a calm and quiet time, usually the quietest portion of the wedding day. And we will need that calm to capture these intimate moments. 

Schedule things early!

The getting ready portion of the day is the #1 reason why a wedding can run behind. My advice is to make sure to schedule the Hair and Make up artist early enough so you, and everyone getting their hair and make up done, can already be ready or nearly ready by the time I arrive! Remember, the getting ready photos are not of you from start to finish. But, rather when you are almost done. Although, we can capture fun things before, too! Many times brides and bridesmaids will have fun pajamas, and do toasts with mimosas! Just make sure to have padding in the day for all the things that need to be done while we’re capturing the getting ready portion of the day! 

Emily Quigley is a wedding, engagement and newborn photographer in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been featured in Glamor and Grace, Aisle Society and several other online websites. Click here to get your booking today!

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