The groom and his groomsman in their navy suits on his wedding day.

5 Tips for Perfect Bridal Party Photos 


When it comes to getting bridal party photos during your wedding, there are a lot of things that can make it difficult. For this reason, I always send a wedding timeline questionnaire to my couples. I want to make sure that we have a plan for your timeline before the wedding day. I try to make sure everything is exactly how it should be and that everything goes smoothly. I want to make sure your wedding day is enjoyable and you don’t have to worry about anything! But, there are several things that you can do to make sure that things will be perfect!

Make Your Timeline Public

First, I always warn couples that once the timeline is finished it’s best to send it to every person in the bridal party so they know where to be and when to be there! Especially when it comes to bridesmaids getting ready! They need to know what time they need to be there if they’re getting their hair done professionally. And when it’s time for bridal party photos, and getting ready photos, they need to know the time and location for that. Make sure you forward the timeline to all people included on the timeline!

Collage of Carina with her bridesmaids smiling and cheering on the porch of her wedding venue.

Bridesmaids Need To Be On Time

Second, when planning your timeline, if the bridesmaids are getting their hair and make up done professionally, it’s good to know that getting ready photos actually start at the end of getting ready. A lot of times I show up to weddings for bridal party photos or getting ready photos, and someone is still getting their hair and makeup done. That will take up time and put us behind if you’re not careful! 

Put Another Person In Charge Of The Timeline

Third, have someone other than you in charge. Even if you already have a wedding planner or coordinator, having a designated person in your bridal party be in charge of timing will help! Maybe it’s your maid of honor, or your groom’s best man. Whoever it is, tell them before the wedding day “Hey, you are in charge of making sure we all follow the timeline!”

The bride and groom with their wedding party smiling and laughing in front of their ceremony arch on their wedding day.

Even though you’ve already sent the timeline to everyone there’s always that one person who gets off track! If you choose someone in the bridal party to be in charge, they usually all know each other, and won’t have a problem with making sure that YOUR desire to follow the timeline is met. They’re looking out for your and helping remind everyone involved that it’s important to you and your big day.

Limit Alcohol Before Bridal Party Photos

Fourth, ask your bridal party to limit drinks before the ceremony. This is super important and there’s no shame in this! I tell my couples it’s okay to drink a little bit for a toast or whatever, but limit it to just one. And, save the drinking for after the ceremony! That way people are ready mentally and be a little bit more in control of themselves for the bridal party photos. Unfortunately, I have a lot of experience in herding drunk groomsmen, but even still, it takes a lot of time and the timeline will get behind. So, having that communication with the bridal party beforehand is very important!  

Collage of the groom smiling with his best man in front of the church where he just said his vows.

Remember To Just Have Fun

Lastly, remember to just have fun. Celebrate with your friends! You picked them to be a part of your bridal party for a reason, so just have fun with them and I’ll catch all those amazing candid photos that are always so sweet and beautiful! Additionally, I always tell the bridal party members that if we have time, even if it’s later on, I will get an individual photo with each of them with you. These are photos you will want down the road. Just have fun and I will be there to capture the beauty of the wedding day!  

The bride and her bridesmaids smiling and laughing in front of the chapel on her wedding day.

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