Cocktail Hour & How to Make the Most of it!


Cocktail hour is one of the most fun and relaxed parts of a wedding reception. It’s the time when my couples, along with their family and friends, can let their hair down! They can also enjoy some delicious drinks and food, and celebrate the start of a new chapter in their lives!

However, many couples make the mistake of overlooking the importance of taking photos during cocktail hour. They assume that since they have already taken their formal portraits before the ceremony, they can simply relax and enjoy the party. But, taking photos during cocktail hour can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons!

Time to Capture the “After-Ceremony-Excitement!”

First, cocktail hour is the perfect time to capture candid, natural shots of you and your guests. This is when everyone is relaxed and having fun, which makes for the most memorable moments of the entire day. From the groomsmen joking around, to family members hugging and laughing, cocktail hour is full of awesome photo opportunities!

The best time for those Newlywed Portraits!

Taking photos during cocktail hour ensures that you have plenty of pictures of the two of you as a couple. During the ceremony and reception, it is difficult to take a moment for a proper photo together. However, during cocktail hour, you can take a breather and get some great shots together, without feeling rushed! Plus, cocktail hour is almost always during the best lighting of the day: golden hour and sunset!

It Sets the Tone

Finally, taking photos during cocktail hour can help to set the tone for the rest of the evening. When you take the time to have your photos taken during this time, it s. This helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the rest of the night!

Taking photos during cocktail hour is an essential part of any wedding celebration! When you get married, make sure to work with your photographer to prioritize photos during cocktail hour! You won’t regret it!

Emily Quigley is a wedding and engagement photographer in Northwest Arkansas. She’s been featured in Glamor and GraceArkansas Bride and several other wedding magazines!

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